Wuxi ALICE active losing the scene: a fine of 1,000 to undertake 63,000 search and rescue costs

Zhu Ming's father had to call the black bamboo ditch area
Beijing News reporter (reporter Wang Yu) 27-year-old Jiangsu Wuxi man Zhu Ming (a pseudonym) "active loss of" 17 days a new progress. 25 afternoon, the Beijing News (WeChat ID ID: bjnews_xjb) reporter learned from the Sichuan Heizhugou Scenic Area, the scenic spot will be a fine of 1,000 yuan Zhu Ming, while ordered to bear the search and rescue costs 63,000 yuan. May 6, Wuxi donkey Zhu Ming alone into the black bamboo ditch area, and lost contact in the evening. Family alarm, scenic spots and family members are organized to search and rescue forces. According to media reports, which lasted 17 days of search and rescue, only Zhu Ming family members will spend about 20 million. 22 Zhu Ming appeared in Lhasa and made a circle of friends, 24 with his father to go home. Zhu said that all this is his six months ago wanted a good plan, because the work and life unhappy, "I want to learn Chinese medicine to clean themselves, need a quiet environment." 25 afternoon, Sichuan Heizhugou Scenic Area Administrative Committee Director Guo Yuncheng told the Beijing News (micro letter public ID: bjnews_xjb) reporter, Zhu Ming suspected "lost", the scenic area has invested hundreds of people search and rescue, and therefore produced A certain cost. "After accounting, labor, food, car rental costs a total of 63,000 yuan." Guo Yuncheng said the scenic area that this part of the cost should be borne by Zhu Ming. In addition, due to its non-compliance with the scenic management regulations, according to the implementation of the 2002 "Heizhugou Scenic Area Protection Ordinance", the scenic area has also made a fine of 1,000 yuan to deal with the decision. Guo Yuncheng told the Beijing News reporter, the relevant notice of punishment and ordered to bear the cost of the notice, will be later today by courier sent to Zhu Ming home. "If he disagrees with the decision, he can appeal to the authorities." Earlier today, Zhu Ming's father had called the black bamboo ditch area, the son of the behavior expressed regret. "His father said he was willing to bear the cost of the search and rescue tents and sleeping bags, this part is actually a little money." Guo Yuncheng said.

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