Tainan residential fire caused by the major casualties identified by the human

The prosecution initially identified the fire department caused by man-made
Taipei, April 12 (Xinhua) Tainan City, a 12-day house fire with a major casualties, has caused two men and a fetus died, a pregnant woman is still severe coma. The prosecution initially identified the fire department caused by man-made. In the morning, Tainan learn a cotton and a cottage suddenly a fire, the scene of the fire is extremely violent. Firefighters at the scene found Wang surnamed man's coke corpse, Li surnamed man and Yang surnamed pregnant women to send medicine. After the rescue, Li surnamed man and pregnant women six months old fetus declared dead, pregnant women into a severe coma, life signs of instability. Police access monitor found that half an hour before the incident, one of the deceased Wang filled with oil drums into the house, and soon after the house on fire burning. Police suspect that the cause of the fire is not simple, do not rule out human factors, is currently actively proceeding to investigate. Prosecution site investigation, the initial identification of the fire department caused by man-made, but whether it is self-immolation or arson can not be confirmed, to be fire fire assessment report. The prosecutor will also carry out the autopsy of the deceased to clarify the exact cause of death.

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